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In short: I was born in Burgos (Spain) and have lived six years in Iceland. I am a sworn translator from Icelandic into Spanish. I am a translator and interpreter of the following languages: Spanish, English, and Icelandic. I also teach these languages.

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Fernán González Domingo

Education & licenses

  • Master in Intercultural Communication, Interpreting and Translation in Public Services (English-Spanish) from the University of Alcalá (2011).
  • BA in Icelandic as a Foreign Language from the University of Iceland (2012).
  • Degree in Foreign Language Teaching (English) from the University of Burgos (2007).

The Icelandic Ministry of Education recognized my education as a teacher in Spain and granted me a teacher certification (kennsluréttindi) in 2008. This means I can work as a Primary school teacher in Iceland and use that title.

In 2020 I passed the exam to become a a certified/sworn translator (löggiltur skjalaþýðandi) from Icelandic into Spanish in Iceland.

Other: I completed a course in Financial Translation (English-Spanish) conducted by Legal Success in 2011.

Fernán González Domingo, profesor de islandés


In addition to the practica in my degree in Education and my Masters in Intercultural Communication, Interpretation and Translation in Public Services (simultaneous interpreting in the 4th International Congress on Translation and Interpreting in Public Services at the University of Alcalá), I have worked primarily at teaching languages.

  • University of Iceland: assistant in the language learning project Tungumálatorg, creating blogs with content for students, parents, and teachers.
  • Fjölbrautaskólinn í Breiðholti, Reykjavik, Iceland: teacher of Spanish as a foreign language in high school and support teacher in Icelandic.
  • The Intercultural Centre, Reykjavik, Iceland: Spanish-Icelandic bilingual support teacher for students from 6 to 16 years old on a project for Colombian refugees in cooperation with social services in Reykjavik and the Icelandic Red Cross. Translation of school documents and interpretation in meetings.
  • Móðurmál (Mother Tongue), Reykjavik, Iceland: teacher of Spanish as mother tongue.
  • LaFlecha.Net, Burgos, Spain: writer and translator. Topics: ICT and popular science.

Research Themes

  • My thesis for the BA in Icelandic as a second language at the University of Iceland: “Use of ICT in the teaching of Icelandic as a foreign language, and attitude of teachers towards ICT” (2012).
  • My master’s thesis submitted and defended before a committee at the University of Alcalá de Henares was titled: “Comparison of the training of translators and interpreters in public services in Spain and Iceland” (2011).
Fernán González Domingo - diez años como autónomo

Interest and other activities

For several years I was a member of the Association of Internet users in Burgos Zon@burgos, where I was a board member. I have worked in the organization of video game tournaments in LAN parties (Cyberjoven and Enredada). I also worked with the video game news network MGON. Computing and video games are some of the hobbies that interest me the most.

  • Computing: For four years, I received training at a school in web design (FrontPage, Dreamweaver, Fireworks, Photoshop, Flash, etc.) as well as in programming languages (HTML, JavaScript, CSS, Visual Basic, C + +, etc.) and I also learned on my own (ASP and PHP), so even if computing is not my main occupation I have a basic knowledge of these tools and languages. I have been using bloggers’ platforms for years (Blogger, WordPress, and MovableType). I use Windows and Ubuntu (Linux).
  • Video games: In 2002, I founded a website about a game with other players (4unrealers, an Unreal Tournament community).Over time the website has become a community for players of different games. Today the website is known as Gamersmafia.

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09007 – Burgos, España.

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