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Whether you are starting from scratch or want to improve your Icelandic, you’ll find 5 levels, beside specialization courses. You’ll go from absolute beginner (A1.1) to intermediate (B1.1).

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Depending on your situation, you’ll benefit more from the general courses or the specialized ones. Tell me where you’re at the moment and I’ll help you choose the best course for you (if unsure, you can take free level tests).

5 levels of online Icelandic courses

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Conversation course Speak Icelandic with Confidence

Looking for an Icelandic conversation course with live classes?

My first book in Icelandic

Are you looking for an Icelandic reading course with live lessons or that you can take at your own pace?

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I’m Fernán González

In short: I was born in Burgos (Spain) and lived in Iceland for six years. I am dedicated exclusively to teaching Icelandic. I’ve also worked as a sworn translator from Icelandic into Spanish (Icelandic license) and as an Icelandic interpreter.

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